Nutritional Advice

Helping to guide you into a healthy and positive relationship with your nutrition that supports your fitness goals.


The nutritional advice I give is to help you avoid misinformation often found on the internet and teaching you to make healthy long-term habits. I believe that knowledge is everything so I teach my clients about macros, setting realistic nutrition goals and how to push towards those goals without doing unhealthy fad diets. I encourage clients to understand both what they eat and the relationship they hold with food, to ensure a healthy mindset and diet, supporting you to make good food choices while still enjoying what you eat.


I believe in getting results while still enjoying food and occasionally indulging in your favourite treats! Cutting everything you love out of your diet isn’t sustainable or enjoyable, so we work together to strike a balance. Ultimately I want the nutritional advice given in my sessions to empower you to know what will or will not support your goals and lead to long-term healthy eating habits. But most importantly we make sure you can find foods that fit around your lifestyle and you love to eat!