My goal as your Personal Trainer is to support, encourage and motivate you to reach your goals! See below my training techniques that are proven to keep clients motivated and happy…


Do you find the gym is boring and repetitive? Well, it’s time to give it a fresh start, I personalise every session to you and your goals and make sure every training session is different to keep things fresh. Together we find exercise routines you enjoy and thrive at rather than activities you find boring and draining, making sure you enjoy our time together!


When you start training with me you will quickly notice your goals are as important to me as they are to you! Whether it’s increased fitness for a big event, weight gain, weight loss or just to move a little more, I will create you a plan with attainable goals to help you get there!

I make sure we continue to track your progress in the correct way, whether that is visually through progress photos, measuring weight, taking body measurements or through personal bests.


I believe that knowledge is the key to your success and understanding why we do what we do in each session is crucial to keeping you engaged. Our sessions are as much about what we do in our time together as what you do when you’re working out alone. In our sessions I ensure we improve your knowledge of both exercise and your body to empower you to continue your workouts at home or alone in the gym. I often set clients small tasks (homework) such as writing your own plans or finding new and exciting ways to keep active outside of our sessions, all the time helping to put the power of progress in your hands!


You may think our sessions are over when we say goodbye but you’d be wrong, as my client I am here to support you whenever you most need. I can be contacted via text message, email and WhatsApp and will regularly check in to keep you engaged during the week.

Many clients believe that all personal trainers are militarian, but although I am passionate about pushing you especially through plateaus I am always positive and encouraging, helping my clients to seek out the good in their week as opposed to focusing on the bad.