Before, and after image of client

Had nearly 28 sessions with Leon over the last 3 months and have seen great results.  My general overall fitness has improved significantly, i have lost almost 2 stone in weight and have been able to start playing football again.  Leon is constantly available via messenger for advice and has helped me to continue to train even through two niggling muscle pulls, busy work periods and a new baby.

I couldn’t advise anyone enough to give Leon the chance to help turn their fitness around.  I will almost certainly be carrying on for further sessions.

Steve Peacock

Before, and after image of client after training

Despite a bikini deadline fast approaching in only a couple of months, I was still finding it extremely difficult to self motivate in exercise and my recent attempts at gyms have never lasted.

I am so glad I bit the bullet and got in contact with Leon, as although much more challenging, his tailored plan of exercises are much more inspiring than just clock and calorie watching on a X-trainer!

He has given me the kick that I needed and instead of dreading working out, I look forward to it! Only a couple of sessions in to my training, I am already noticing a difference in my body, happiness and largely my motivation! Leon is incredibly friendly, encouraging and very supportive and for the first time I finally feel that with his help, my goal of getting in shape and feeling bikini confident by January is achievable!

Anna Morris

Before, and after image of client after training with LBF

Leon is excellent and has helped me, and many other people reach their goals.

He is a brilliant person and a brilliant personal trainer I wouldn’t be where I am now with out his input and help.

I am the fittest I’ve ever been from his help. So if you want a fantastic service and a friendly service and a great trainer, Leon is the person to get you to what you want out of your body and mind

James Wells

Before, and after image of client after weight loss

I started at the gym in January and although i was enjoying it there, I didn’t have any variety when it came to the exercise I was doing. I attend Slimming World also and I am working towards my goal weight.

Then about a month or two after joining then gym i met Leon. I found him to be really friendly and approachable and we discussed the option of Personal Training. I decided to do a taster session which i really enjoyed and with Leon’s enthusiasm I felt I would benefit from some sessions.  I have been overweight since a child and found exercising scary and going to the gym could be daunting.

Leon ensured that early on we tackled this an he gave me varied sessions and also kindly made me a personalized program to stick to.  Before Leon did this I was working all parts of my body and found myself knackered every night with no energy for the next session. Now with his advice I find I am being much more sensible and using my energy in the right way.

Some aspects of training have been challenging but instead of shy away from them and with Leon’s support and encouragement there is no such word as ‘Can’t’! I also find Leon to be a great listener and he is helping me to gain confidence and not be so hard on myself.

I have now lost 11st and i am working towards my target weight.  I would highly recommend Leon Baker Fitness, and if I can do it anyone can.

Rachel Pearson

Mo Fahimi

Kim and Martin Bull

Helen Davies

Emma Blagden

Megan Rook

Leonie James